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Photo by Joseph A. Hernandez

As a teacher,

Growing up I was 'the dance teacher's daughter'. I would follow my mom around her classes observing how she would adjust her teaching to each age group. From a young age, my mom instilled in me a passion for teaching and allowed me the privilege of learning from her. That joy led me to study pedagogy (ABT curriculum) in an intensive two-year course while at Walnut Hill. Since then, I have continued to put that knowledge into practice. I believe in building a strong and versatile foundation. This means emphasizing the importance of working from a healthy and organic place to generate movement.  I teach many techniques and styles of dance. In the past I have taught Ballet, Pointework, Limón, Horton, Contemporary, Jazz, Partnering, Dance Conditioning, etc. I also enjoy choreographing. I have made work on pre-professional dancers from Walnut Hill, The Ailey School, as well as choreographing college solos.

As a teacher, I feel a tremendous responsibility to create a safe and artistically stimulating environment. I believe every student has something unique to offer and deserves equal attention. I hope to convey the joy of movement and to bring light and passion into the studio. Above all else, I am here to assist in any way possible. This includes being a positive influence, role model, teacher, friend, and advocate.


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